Here are some service projects that are near and dear to my heart.  10% of all my proceeds go to help give travel scholarships to young travel novices.  Click the links below to find out more.  Or, you can simply donate here today.  

Voyage Artistry


VOYAGE ARTISTRY is a non-profit created to introduce culture and creativity through travel and the arts.  The program creates educational travel opportunities that will enhance global and cultural awareness and heighten personal development.


We also provide opportunities for young novices and art enthusiast to enhance their creativity while gaining cultural and community awareness.  VOYAGE ARTISTRY gives students the opportunity to experience the world through creative outlets.



Bare Borders Travel


Bare Borders Travel was created to encourage travelers to experience other cultures through the arts, language, and food.  The goal is to create educational travel opportunities for students, groups and families.


In 2016, we will take our first round of girls to Paris, France under our fellowship program to document their journey and create avenues for other students to travel.