• Candice Roberts

Getting Unstuck

I feel stuck. Creatively. Stuck. I can take pictures of people all day, but I am not creating. I have no new ideas. I have to do something about my stagnation. I thought of enrolling in class, but I have no time. So I'm now blogging and hoping you all give me input.

I have decided to complete 52 photo assignments for each week of the year. I will find photo assignments online, or hope that some of you suggest something for me. The results will be shared every 7 days.

My first assignment can be found on David Kim's website. David Kim is a photography instructor in California and he seems like the best place to start. My first assignment: 5 Yes' and 5 No's. I have to ask random strangers to take their photograph. I have to get 5 people to say YES and 5 to say NO.

You can join in too. Click here for full details. Let the games begin.


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