• Candice Roberts

Assignment 2

This is assignment 2. If you are just tuning in, I am trying to become a better photographer. Therefore I am doing 1 photo assignment a week for an entire year. The first week I had to ask random people on the street could I take their photograph. Seemed simple enough, but it took me any entire week to do it because I'm an American in Spain who speaks un poco de ingles.

I decided since the first assignment worked out well, I would take assignment 2 from the same source. Eric Kim, photography professor based out of California, has a list on assignments on his website. This week I will do luck number 13.

This assignment is all about emotion. This week I am to walk through the street and capture emotion. The various expressions people display on their faces during conversation, as they interact with others, or as they are thinking alone. I say 5 emotions should be the goal and I will use a telephoto lens.

Okay, let's go.


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