• Candice Roberts

I did it! Assignment 1

So I did it! I asked 5 people to take their picture. This should not have been hard. There was no difficulty level in this assignment. I even took more than 5 really, but this assignment was a challenge. Since I am an American in Spain and my Spanish is not well, this assignment was terrifying. I had no idea how to say, "Can I take your picture?" Someone told me. I tried to say it and messed it up. Then someone told me again. I said it once, then forgot how to say it. Even now as I right this, I have no idea how to ask this question.

Also, I cheated. No, I do not know any of these people but there is a festival going on. People are out having a merry good time. I could have asked them anything and they would have done it. lol I would ask one person, and all of their friends would jump in. Perfect opportunity.

So what? It was a cheat, but I did it. It was a challenge and I did it. What's next?


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