• Candice Roberts

Assignment 3 - Black and White

This assignment was difficult. Sometimes we overthink as people. I wanted to create something amazing, but I couldn't. I carried my camera around with me hoping to catch something. Nothing. Nothing at all. I was overthinking.

I decided to leave my camera at home and ignore the assignment. If you didn't know, I am an American living in Spain with my family. I snap photos of my children constantly to send to their grandparents. Last weekend, we spent the day in Moratalla with another family. It is a medieval town which sort of reminded me of that episode of Doctor Who when the Doctor, Amy and Rory kept falling asleep and waking up in a village filled with old people that so happened to be aliens. Anyway, there was a castle. We took the castle tour. We learned of medieval Spain, the Spanish Civil War and how it effected the region. The kids could care less. They were more interested in the antique weapons. It was an amazing day and one of our best days thus far in Spain.

I snapped photos with my iPhone 6 and enjoyed my day. No pressure, no need to be avant grade. I just enjoyed where I was in life and captured that moment.

That day was the day I realized that I don't have to be great in photography. I just have to be me. I've decided to share some photos of that day. And of course, assignment complete.


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