• Candice Roberts

Assignment 4- Detail

It has been almost a month since I've posted. A few weeks ago, my family and I went to a festival called the Caballos del Vino. The festival celebrates the history of the community and commemorates a crusades battle between the Knights Templar and the Moors. All week, many groups around town paraded their horses in multiple competitions. The horses also race for the fasted time.

Now it does look like I posted many pictures of the backside of horses, but all of these horses had beautiful tails. God Bless whom ever took the time to do this because they all looked like they stepped out of a salon. The horses also wore beautifully decorated costumes that were judged in competition as well.

These are the things that caught my eye. The horses, the people, and the drain pipes that I walk by everyday and never knew there were faces painted on them.

What I noticed most about this week was the people. Caravaca de la Cruz has this festival annually, celebrating family, life, and tradition. I have never observed anything like this in my life. I will share the details in another post.

Assignment 4 complete.

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