• Candice Roberts

Seeing Beyonce outside of the US

I had the opportunity to see Beyonce in Milan. It was hell getting there, my flight was delayed, then my connecting flight was changed, once I landed the concert had already begun. I was meeting my best friend of 24 years who had flown from the states on an "Eat Pray Love" journey to discover herself and all Italia had to offer (as long as it was covered in sauce). After landing, running through train stations and breaking my bag, I was finally in "Formation".

As I exited the subway, you could hear the music from the stadium amplified in the streets. People were huddled outside of the arena singing Purple Rain, as Beyonce was performing her tribute to the late Prince, and eating Italian sausages that were being grilled right there in the parking lot. I was indeed late and probably should have waited outside, but it's Beyonce and was worth the camel ride to get there.

I saw my best friend at the gate, which was purely God's grace because my phone was kaput. We then climbed the mountain which is known as San Siro Stadium to our second level seats. Now, as you heard my day was hell. I sat in the Barcelona airport all day truly in a bitchy mood. To sum it all up, I spent the day drowning in my woes that are truly First World Problems. But when I entered the stadium, that all went away. Not because I was seeing Beyonce, but because of what I was witnessing.

I have seen Bey perform with Destiny's Child, I have seen her perform with her husband in her hometown, but this was something new. Beyonce is a TX girl with her TX ways and bubbles with all the Black Girl Magic she can muster up, yet this is the first time it was glaringly blatant how much she inspires.

In a stadium full of non-Americans, non-Black Folk, non-native English speakers, she was the iota. And every person in the room belted out her lyrics word per word as if each word had filled their soul and given them some sort of meaning.

I get it, Beyonce's last album did that for me. As a 30-something wife and mother of 3, that album reminded me that motherhood and marriage was not a death sentence to your individuality, creativity, and sexuality. That album gave me something that I so badly needed and to this day I will pull it out to hype my ass up when I feel like I'm in a rut.

But what I feel she does best is inspires the dreamer. I took this picture from the stands at the concert as I did all of the images. (Beyonce don't sue me.) What amazed me about this image is that people look at her as if she is a giant. As if she is an untouchable phenom amongst us mere mortals. But Beyonce is just a girl from TX, with a big dream, and a crazy work ethic. Just like you, just like me, just like us all. And you see it. That right there is inspiring.

I would like to thank my BFF for this adventure. Though I only saw 25 minutes of the concert and complained for 48 hour straight, it was enough to see that...

1. Friends are forever.

2. Anything is possible.

3. We are all the same.

4. Dreams are real.

5. There really is nothing to complain about.


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