• Candice Roberts

Back on Track

I have been so off track. Not having time to blog or keep up with the assignments I promised myself I would do. We do that sometimes. Not make time for ourselves. I am a wife and mother of three. I also teach, therefore my time is in-between time. When we do have those little pockets of freedom, why don't we take advantage? I don't. Not like I should.

Well I'm back on the horse. Assignment 5. I would love for you to do them with me. We can share results and grow together. This assignment was found on BHPhotoVideo.com.

The assignment states:

"Pick a location. Stand in one spot and make 24 unique photographs while standing in the same place. You cannot move your feet."

Sounds easy enough, but we will see. You have one week. Results will be posted April 27th, 2017.

Lets Go!


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