• Candice Roberts

Skill Development

I watch Youtube videos constantly pick up tips and tricks of the trade. One of my favorites is Jessica Kobeissi. And its not about the work for me, its about the process she takes to achieve the shot.

I've studies hard lately and see the dramatic difference in my work. But today there were two goals. Studio light and bokeh.

I have a collapsible studio in my closet. Collapsible black and white backdrop, a few speed lights, a bunch of tripods, an ice stick (which I love) and reflector. This is all I have room for in my small space and it works for me. But it is a pain to pull out and is unfortunately underused.

Today was a rainy day so why not. I made all of my children model for me. Starting with my son, he sat in a stool in front of the black backdrop next to an open window. My daughter held the ice stick in his direction. I wanted clarity. That was the goal. I think I did it. I try to keep my ISO as low as possible for sharpness. In photoshop to simply increase the saturation a tad and smoothed over the skin.

I want to more of this type of imagery. In doing so I have remember that practice makes perfect.

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